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Classroom Norms

Classroom Norms:

Students will develop their own norms in the form of a social contract, which will include:

  • be on time
  • be prepared
  • actively listen
  • actively participate
  • respect others' time, ideas, and property


Students who exhibit exceptional behavior and performance will be rewarded by:

  • verbal praises
  • home contact (telephone, note, or email)
  • participation in special activities
  • Student of the Week  and Month Certificates
  • Britton Bobcat Bucks that can be used for the weekly raffle


Every student is entitled to a positive educational experience, where the exchange of ideas is respected and encouraged.  In the event that a student chooses to interfere with the positive environment of the classroom, the following steps will be taken.

  • 1st time a student chooses to interfere with instruction: Student will be sent to Stage 1 timeout environment in class for 10 minutes to reflect of behavior.
  • If a student disrupts while in Stage 1: Student will be sent to Stage 2 in room 20 for 10 to 20 minutes and the parent/guardian will be contacted regarding behavior.  The purpose of this is for the student to reflect on their behavior without continuing to disrupt the class.
  • If a student disrupts while in Stage 2: Student will be sent to the Asst. Principal for a conference and disciplinary action.

Note: All actions are recorded in a behavior log that can be seen and reviewed by the administration.

The actions will also be recorded in the notes section of eschool for parents to view.

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