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Ms. Diokno - Math 7


Classroom Atmosphere:  As we begin a new school year, it is imperative that students remember courtesy, cooperation, and effort that contribute to a productive atmosphere that insures everyone's success.  Students will be expected to follow all school rules and classroom negotiated norms.


Consequences for Misbehavior:  All disruptions will be handled by time outs.   In the event that a student chooses to interfere with the positive environment of the classroom, the following steps will be taken.


·         1st time a student chooses to interfere with instruction: Student will be sent to Stage 1 timeout in class for 10 minutes.

·         If a student disrupts while in Stage 1: Student will be sent to Stage 2 in another room for 20 minutes and I will contact a parent/guardian regarding behavior.

·         If a student disrupts while in Stage 2: Student will be sent to the Asst. Principal for a conference and further disciplinary action.


Note:  any actions that are taken are recorded in a behavior log that can be viewed by administrators.


Consequences for Good Behavior:  Students who exhibit exceptional behavior and performance will be rewarded by:


·       Verbal praises

·       Home contact (telephone, note, or email)

·       Participation in Special Activities

·       Student of the Week and Month Certificates

·       Britton Bobcat Bucks that can be used for the weekly raffle


Daily Materials:  You will need the following materials.

(If you are unable to obtain the required supplies, ask the teacher for assistance.)


·         Agenda for recording assignments  (provided by the school)

·         2 to 3 inch binder with a Math section to keep handouts, notes, and homework

(One binder with 5 dividers is used for all classes)

·         White ruled loose-leaf binder paper 

·         At least three sharpened #2 wooden pencils

(Students may not use Pens in this class)

·         Small enclosed manual pencil sharpener

·         One RED correcting pen

·         Glue stick

·         White board marker


Homework: Homework is assigned five days a week.  Each homework assignment is worth 5 points unless stated otherwise and makes up 20% of the students' grade.  Late homework will be accepted until the end of each chapter.  Homework help is available before school.


Participation:  A successful student participates in all classroom activities. Participation is worth 20% of the students' grade.


Assessments:  Assessments make up 60% of the students' grade.  Assessments may be in the form of quizzes, tests, benchmarks, and projects.



It is strongly recommended that students who miss several days of school come in before or after school for help in getting caught up.  (See me to make an appointment)




Each student receives one textbook that should be covered and kept in a safe place at home. If a student needs an extra book, they can access it online with a password from their teacher.  The textbook websites below offer an online textbook with activities.  Obtain login and password from your teacher.


Math 7 Course -Course 2   (California Edition)  Holt, 2008.  http://my.hrw.com/

Khan Academy website  www.khanacademy.org  supplement

Noyce Foundation Tasks  http://www.noycefdn.org  supplement


Grades:  Teachers use eSchool for their grade book and post grades online through the same service.  I recommend that the grades are check once a week by clicking on the eSchool logo at the Britton web site http://www.britton.mhu.k12.ca.us/ and logging in with your child's user name and password.  

You may obtain the user name and password from the office.


Grades will be determined by student assessment scores, homework scores, and CLASS PARTICIPATION.  Grades will be assigned according to the district recommended percentages listed below.




94  -100  =  A

90  -  93  =  A -

87  -  89  =  B+

83  -  86  =  B

80  -  82  =  B-

77  -  79  =  C+

73  -  76  =  C


70  -  72  =  C-

67  -  69  =  D+

63  -  66  =  D

60  -  62  =  D-

  0  -  59  =  F



(GPA Points)     A  =  4,  B  =  3,  C  =  2,  D  =  1,  F  =  0





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Contact Information: 

Phone:  1-408-201-6160   ext.  30216

Email:   dioknog@mhusd.org

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